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Introduction to Institute of Medical Psychology
   Our institute was founded in 1983. It is one of the earliest institutes in schools of hygiene department. Now there are eight teachers in our institute, including one professor, three associate professors, one lecturer, two assistant teachers and one laboratory assistant in our institute. Most of our teachers have master or doctor degree. Four of them are postgraduate tutor.
   The tasks of our institute are focus on three aspects: teaching, scientific research and clinical psychological counseling. For these years, our institute had opened courses of medical psychology,modern behavior medicine and neuroscience for undergraduates and postgraduates. Our institute has cultivated more than twenty postgraduates, some of them went abroad, some went on for further studying, others chose teaching or clinical work. In scientific researching, our institute had carried on dozens of items coming from national, departmental and provincial fund. Recently, we explored the mechanism of onset of some psychosomatical diseases. We also did research on psychological therapy and mental health of college students.
   In psychological counseling and therapy, some of our teachers have a lot of experiences in counseling and have cured many patients with psychological disorders, such as depression, phobia, obsessive and compulsive disorder, and so on.

Operated by Institute of Medical Psychology
Address: Room 8202, Teaching Building 8, Medical School, Shandong University
zip code : 250012